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"I wanted a place that could be like my country: the light of the whitewashed houses and the gaudy colour of the red tomatoes drie by the sunlight". Thus, Riccardo Semerano, an Apulian enterpreneur, tells how his " Riccardo's Caffè, a very distinctive lounge bar entirely dug in the snow- white cliff in Ostuni, was born. Who comes to Apulia cannot miss the fascinating scene of "the white city" characterised by a chaming tangle of narrow streets that cross arches, little squares, and alleys. And just in the heart of the historical centre, situated on a terrace that dominates the valley and allows you to see the sea in distance, you can find "Riccardo's Cafè", a very trendy meeting place for yuong people and V.I.P.s. "Riccardo's Cafè"makes youto fall in love.And love is the little details, in the games of lights that increase the fascination of the cliff, in the natural stalactites( left integral) that stand out from the ceiling. TRANSLACTION BY NOBILITA S.r.l


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Buona Puglia magazine

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