2003 gazzetta del mezzogiorno - Riccardo Caffè

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Special to Gazzetta del Mezzoggiorgno..
Four years old of life, fourthousands messages and twothousandfivehundred e-mails for unanimous vote, Emanuela Foliero, Gianluca Paparesta and Apulian from "Il Grande Fratello" a jury with Roberto Piccinelli and a gala rich and fantastic writing the end "the winner is'"...The prize "La Lampara" since 1999 awards the oscar of night and the apulian tourism grows up. This year it's visible by the numbers that the organization has between Apulian Region, Bari's province, Trani's commune, the local administration of dance and the Cotup. Tomorrow night in Trani's music club steps on to the stage three competitors for the prize. The best place are: "Barcollando" Monopoli- Bari,"Villino"Bisceglie-Bari, The Caffe Riccardo Ostuni- Brindisi.


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