2011 corriere della sera - Riccardo Caffè

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Known mainly as a favorite spot for teenagers seeking an affordable combination of sun, sea and romance, Ostuni, in Puglia, is also the site of one of the trendiest night clubs in south-of Italy - the Caffè Riccardo... In spite of its somewhat uncreative name, the venue is a startling cavelike structure dug into a rocky hill. The owner, Riccardo Semerano, is not responsible for the architecture, wich actually dates back to 1200, when the place was used as a mill. What he is responsible for, however, is the pleasing juxtaposition of colorful couches, metal-topped tables and white spikes of rock that pop up here and there. the result is an unusual version of the now trite combination of old-and new furnishings. The Caffè Riccardo, smacks in the centre of Ostuni, opens at 6 P.m. The best time to show up is around 11 P.m., possibly after eating any kind of roasted fish somewhere in the picturesque Medieval village, a cluster of whitewashed houses perched on a hill overlooking the sea and surrounded by an ancient city wall. Patrons are mainly well-heelded 30 somethings, who on weekends drive in from Lecce and Brindisi, and from as far aways as Bari. The bar is not discothèque per se, so no wild dancing goes on around the tables. Instead, a soft, lounge-like music plays in the background .....  by Roberto Condorelli Special to Italy Daily


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